Ljusdals Camping, ZweedsLjusdals Camping, engelsLjusdals CampingNederlandsLjusdals Camping Duits
Ljusdals Campsite, cottage, receptionLjusdals Camping, Häsingland, Gävleborg, Sweden. Camper, caravan, cottage, tent


Norrigården Jakt & Events HälsinglandBeren spotten

The ultimate experience for the nature lover. Our hide-out gives you extraordinary possibilities to see bears and other wild animals. From May till October.


Tevsjö distilleryTevsjö distilleerderij

Visit Tevsjö distillery.


Hiking in nature wandelen Mågabanan Ljusnanleden

From the campsite you can go walking in nature on good hiking routes from 2.5 km, 3.5 km, 5.7 km and longer.

Järvzoo Järzoo

Come and experience a real wilderness animal park! Here at Järvzoo you’ll see Nordic animals such as bears, moose, reindeer, wolves, muskoxen and lynx in their natural surroundings – a 3-kilometre-long adventure by foot. This is a wilderness experience for children, families and anyone interested in animals and nature.

Järzoo lynxAt Järvzoo you will walk safely and protected through our animals’ natural environments, along a wooden walkway with many scenic rest areas. Our animals are wild, and to ensure they remain that way and feel at home their enclosures are large and with untouched natural surroundings. Welcome to our Swedish fauna!


Gröntjärns Nature ReserveGröntjärns natuurreservaat

Gröntjärn Nature Reserve is visited foremost for its geological value and its unusual hydrological conditions. The reserve lies in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains. There are no streams that provide the lake with water.


Kobolt mine kobaltgroeve loos

Kobolt mine central in Loos. An industrial mine from the 17th century.


Dellenbanan (Cycle on railroad) Dellanbanan fietsen op het spoor

Enjoy the nature on a railroad track.



A place for culture and nature.



Ljusdalsbygdens museumLjusdalsbygdens museum

Ljusdalsbygdens museum is a small local museum with exhibitions of local art.



Järvsöbacken is almost Sweden's oldest skiing area.


Swimming pool in Färilazwembad

Swimming pool from 8x16 m ca. 29°C.


Ljustorget - kaarsenwinkelLjustorget kaarsenwinkel

A walk through a fairy-tail world. 300 m² filled with beautifull handmade candles.